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Detail of offer no.AR-0021-100312
Edited:10/28/2020  Submitted:7/31/2017

VIVAREAL * Looking for our clients 1,2,3,4-room flats and houses

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  • Address Sídlo: Petra Pázmaňa 3740/30, TT Prev.: Radlinského 6, Trnava, IČO: 36273848, Spoločnosť VIVAREAL s.r.o. je zap. v OR OS Trnava, vložka číslo: 17356/T
    91701 Trnava
  • Telephone 0918 5 11111, 0905 246 246
  • Contact Ing. Vaháliková Miroslava
  • We speak en   de   ru   fr
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  • Type One-bedroom apartment / purchase
  • Municipality Trnava (District Trnava)
  • Cadastral subdivision TRNAVA
  • Location Trnava
  • Price 1.00 EUR

Real estate description

We are looking for our clients in Trnava and nearby Topoľčany, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-room flats and family houses. At a bargain price can also purchase real estate and cash. Offer to sell if appropriate offers its real estate, net of fees associated with advertising your property for real estate servers and print media. We also provide complete reconstruction of housing. Our estate offers: - guarantees for the safe sale and purchase of your property - ZoBZ development, sales contracts, lease agreements, expert advice, - geometric plans, proposals for investment in the land - and free legal services and tax advice - mortgage loan facilities as required by the client - fees for verification of signatures - We represent clients before the cadastral offices and other institutions merge and you among our satisfied clients who always return us to the next purchase or sale of real estate.

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